Jeju Island’s Famous Jjampong – Cheon Geum Ban Jeom 천금반점

Jeju Island’s Famous Jjampong – Cheon Geum Ban Jeom 천금반점

Jeju Island is known not only for the famous Black Pork, but also its fresh seafood. There’s an extremely famous Jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup) place in Jeju Island called 감사합니다. We were speaking to our tour guide about how we wanted to eat Jjampong and he strongly recommended that we come here.


I’m actually surprised by how little this place is covered online. I can only find Korean blogs talking about it and no foreigners blogging about this. I guess it shows that this place is a really rare find, or maybe people just focus on black pork when they go to Jeju haha. If you love seafood, read on.

If you’ve seen my previous post on the spiciest Jjampong in Korea, you’ll know that I’m a lover of Spicy Food, especially Jjampong.


When we stepped in, we were greeted by celebrity signatures plastered all over the walls. We went off-season to Jeju where the restaurants and streets were reallyyy empty, but this place still had people visiting.


I ordered Jjampong (5500KRW), while my brother ordered the Pepper Jjampong (6000KRW) and the girls went with Jajangmyeon (4000KRW). Not covering the Jajangmyeon ‘cos it was pretty normal to me. Typical offerings from a Chinese Restaurant in Korea.

Jjampong (5,500KRW)
Jjampong (5,500KRW)

We were expecting the ordinary Jjampong ingredients (like in Seoul) we were SURPRISED when we saw how generous the toppings were.

Like, jaw dropping surprised. At approx S$6.50, this bowl is INCREDIBLE value.

Each bowl consisted of:
1. A generous portion of noodles & beansprout
2. 1 whole crab(!!!) sliced into 2
3. 1 whole squid
4. A few mussels


The bowl of Jjampong came with scissors and tongs for you to eat the seafood more easily. It also came with an extra empty bowl for you to eat your seafood/dump the seafood there as it really piles up on top of the noodles.

In contrast to my brother’s order of Pepper Jjampong, mine looks ridiculously awesome due to the insane amount of toppings. His had the normal toppings which you see everywhere. Just like any other bowl, just spicier. It was pretty spicy, but cannot be compared to the spiciest Jjampong in Korea which I had in Seoul.

Featured on the papers
Featured on the papers

Damn, even as I’m writing this post, I’m really craving for it right now. They also have Oysters Jjampong (6500KRW), Abalone Jjampong (8000KRW) etc. The next time I go, I’ll definitely try the Abalone Jjampong. Only 8000KRW!!

Quality promise

It’s also healthy to eat here. Above picture:

“We use original bay salt which contains enormous minerals, and soup boiled with chicken, cow bones, some Korean medical herbs so our dishes are delicious and also good for health.

Additionally, nationally authorized chef cooks our dishes to make the best flavour. We will continuously try to make good foods for our health -Thank you-

This place is for the true seafood lover. In comparison to Singapore, the seafood given is REALLY generous, fresh and cheap.



주소 제주시 삼도2동 20-5
(20-5 Samdo 2(i)-dong, Cheju, Jeju-do)
Opening Hours:
Contact Number:

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