Yoogane Korea’s Fresh Cheese Chicken Galbi | Why You Should Visit Yoogane in Korea

Yoogane Korea’s Fresh Cheese Chicken Galbi | Why You Should Visit Yoogane in Korea

Credit: http://yoogane.co.kr/sub/menu0201.php

Yoogane is one of the most popular eating places in Seoul, and there are branches everywhere. It has chains all over Seoul, like in Myeongdong and Hongdae. It’s famous for it’s fried rice (bokkeum bap), and it even has a store in Singapore.

Fresh Cheese Chicken Galbi stood out to us on the Korean menu. It’s served different from your regular order at Yoogane – the hot plate is different, there’s meat in the middle and cheese surrounding the rims of the hot plate.

How it was served
How it was served

We were extremely excited and couldn’t wait for the cheese to melt. It took about 5 minutes to warm up and melt into its gooey goodness.

Melting cheese!!
Melting cheese!!

It felt like we were having a premium dish and people kept looking at our table. It was slightly more expensive (I can’t remember how much) but still affordable.


LOOK!! DAT STRETCHHHH. It’s like pizza cheese!! It does not come with rice or noodles but you can order it on the side. We ordered ramyeon (instant noodles) and rice. I don’t think you’ll be full if you don’t order at least rice to add in.

We actually finished half the cheese before the noodles were cooked.

The addictive chewiness of the cheezu

This is one of those dishes where you just want to eat again.. and again. Overall, I find it pretty normal and just like any other Yoogane sets, but LOOK. AT. ALL. DAT. CHEEEZE. Ugh makes me crave it again.

Fresh Cheese Cuttlefish Chicken Galbi

There’s also a squid + chicken version for people who prefer that. This is also available in Singapore.

I’d also like to note that generally, Yoogane is much cheaper in Korea compared to Singapore, so if you’re in Korea, this is most definitely one of the places that you should try out.

Yoogane Korea Info:


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