Top 10 Tips for Clubbing in Seoul, Korea

Top 10 Tips for Clubbing in Seoul, Korea


So you’re ready to go clubbing in Korea.. here are the top 10 tips as someone who has been clubbing in Korea often.

1. GO AROUND 10:30PM


Don’t bother going too early – you’re only going to be greeting by an empty space. Only go early to get your stamps, or around 10:30pm to avoid the lines while watching people enter. The crowd comes in from 11pm, and peaks around 1am.


Guys WILL pull your friends as they walk, catcall or aggressively approach you, so always go as a group, unless you’re into that sort of thing.


Every bar and club checks for an ID – ensure that you are at least 18 years old, or 19 in Korean age – and keep your ID safely with you.


Seoul has so much to offer, and simply staying in one bar is a waste. Try the multitude of bars and the various unique concepts literally littered throughout Hongdae/Itaewon. Also visit the bars that are not on the ground level (2nd/3rd floors) as these are the bars that are usually nicer.



Every club offers something different, from its music, its people to its decoration and atmosphere, at an entry fee from 10,000KRW, it is relatively cheap to go to 2-3 clubs a night to experience everything.


The convenience stores everywhere provides cheap soju from 1000KRW, and is a cheap and easy way to get buzzed if you cannot find a good bar, or need a little more kick before entering the club.


In comparison to Singapore standards, club drinks are about 50% of the prices you pay – but expensive by Korean standards. If you need a kick and don’t want to spend money, go to a convenience store.


Clubs close pretty late, from 4am to 7am, and I’ve always left the club between 5-7AM, and go for supper/breakfast after. A female friend of mine went for BBQ at 7AM. Live like a Korean and return to your hotel in the morning – watching the sunrise after clubbing is a truly unique experience.


Leaving at peak hour timings (4-6AM, or if it rains) means fighting for cabs. Always find a good spot (be careful, people WILL steal your cabs) walking distance away, and always ask for the meter – although if you’re too tired, you might just end up paying the fee requested. Some drivers refuse to take you if you’re not going towards the direction they like, but keep trying. I usually get a cab between 10-40 minutes.


Respect This Man

I cannot emphasize how important it is to drink Dawn – the ultimate hangover drink. Consume a can of Dawn (tastes like Raisin) to prevent or mitigate a hangover – that’s how we made it to Lotte World the next day after drinking and 3 hours of sleep.

Ramyeon after clubbing also tastes 10x better, we swear its almost magical.

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Seoul, Korea: 8 Best Clubs and Bars, 2017

Seoul, Korea: 8 Best Clubs and Bars, 2017


Recently, I went to Korea for a month on exchange – and it was a WILD month. The number of friendships forged and experienced gained is uncountable, and we spent every weekday night at a bar, and weekend night at a club. Here’s my top recommendations for drinking there, as well as tips and favourite clubs in Korea.

Rule of Thumb: Never stop at 1 bar or club because there is so much to see, try and visit. One night is not sufficient to fully experience clubbing/drinking in Korea. For a full Korean experience, visit ALL these places in one night in the vicinity you are in.

1. BAR: Castle Praha, Hongdae

Looking for a cool bar for Instagram? Castle Praha was one of the first bars I went to in Korea. It had an AMAZING exterior that resembled a castle, and a spacious interior. Castle Praha has good beer and finger food, and would be one of the first bars I’d hit when bar-hopping in Hongdae. Although slightly on the pricier side, Korean drinks are still generally affordable, and I would be willing to pay for this – especially when on vacation. Castle Praha is also quiet, making ita good place to chill with family or to bring someone on a date.

TLDR; Great atmosphere and decor, slightly pricey, good to chill.

Castle Praha
395-19 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
12:00 pm ~ 12:00 am
+82 2-337-6644

2. CLUB: Cream, Hongdae

Cream at Hongdae is one of the quieter clubs in Hongdae. Upon entry (10,000KRW), a free gift is given – I got a hat the first time, a t-shirt on the second. Club Cream plays Hip-Hop music with a Live DJ, and has a bar right in the middle of the dance floor for easy access to drinks. Alcohol is also extremely cheap at 10,000KRW for 3 yagerbombs, or 10,000KRW for 3 tequila shots. Toilets are also clean and the location is easily accessible. Despite it being a relatively quiet place with emptier dance floors, it became a place we went to often because of the cheap drinks and chill atmosphere. Who says no to cheap drinks and Hip Hop, right?

Why you should go: Cheap drinks, free gifts, hip hop.
Why you should avoid: Emptier than usual club, small.
Price Range: 3000KRW-10,000KRW

395-18 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
7/9:00 pm ~ 5/7:00 am


3. CLUB: NB2, Hongdae

NB2, also known as “Noise Basement,” is one of the hottest clubs in Hongdae, with 2 branches, the other being NB1. It’s owned and operated by YG Entertainment, and is always crowded with an extremely long line. Entry fee is slightly pricier at around 20,000KRW (with drink coupons), and the place attracts a young crowd probably because of its association with YGE. NB2 also plays great Hip Hop music – but it was extremely congested due to its popularity. However, NB2 is definitely a club to not miss, and one that I thoroughly enjoyed visiting – there is even reported sightings of YG artists who frequent the place!

Why you should go: YG Entertainment owned, good music, chance to see YG celebrities
Why you should avoid: Long lines to enter, crowded
Price Range: 10,000KRW-30,000KRW

Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seokyo-Dong 362-4
09:00 pm ~ 06:00 am
+82-10-8541-1278, bananahyeon (Kakaotalk)

4. CLUB: Club Made, Itaewon

Club Made at Itaewon is the BEST club to be at if you would like a selection between Hip Hop and EDM, and is the best club in Itaewon. As you enter, you are greeted by a long bar in the middle of the club, where you can redeem your free drink tickets from paying the entrance fee. On each end of the bar, there are 2 different segments of the club that plays different music, and you can hop around each side to where you prefer to be. Made plays both great EDM and Hip Hop, and is also a place where there are more foreigners due to its location, known as a foreigner hangout. Made is also one of our go-to places for clubbing due to the variety it offers to our group with different music tastes. If I had only one club choice, it would be Made.

Why you should go: Has EDM and HipHop, good mix of foreigners and locals
Why you should avoid: 
Pricier, long waiting times to enter (30mins-1hour)
Price Range:

Club Made
Seoul, Yongsan-Gu, Hannam Dong 737-32 (IP Boutique Hotel B1)
Thur-Sat 10:00 pm ~ 06:00 am
+82 10-9102-0985

5. BAR: 232, Itaewon

232 at Itaewon is a fancy bar with an amazing interior. Cushioned sofa chairs, wooden tables and vintage decoration all around makes for an amazing atmosphere. Drinks are not as cheap (characteristic of Itaewon), at about 12,000KRW onwards for a cocktail. However, it is worth coming for a drink or 2 to soak in the great atmosphere, and it is also quite a hidden spot with no tourists. It’s a good place to go with friends prior to hitting Made.

Why you should go: Great atmosphere and decor
Why you should avoid: 
Price Range:

Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul Seoul, Korea 04400
Thur-Sat 11:00 am ~ 02:30 am
+82 2-749-0232


6. BAR/CLUB: The Fountain, Itaewon

The Fountain is one of my favourite spots in Seoul. Upon the recommendation of one of my Korean friends, we went there from 1am-5am. It is a combination of bars on the side and a dance floor in the middle. The songs are more “old school” like Backstreet Boys, bringing you back to the 2000s. when I went, and the place has a constant line and crowd of both locals and foreigners.

There are 2 levels; the first being a large dance floor in the middle, and the second being a smaller dance floor on the second level. The Fountain is simply beautiful, and Instagram worthy from its entrance to its interior. Despite some negative reviews I’ve read online, it gave me a great experience with a friendly bartender and strict bouncers. Entrance check is thorough, only allowing me entry with a NRIC and not my Driving ID (Singapore). I also read online that they are pretty racist and disallowing of people of darker skin color or certain ethnicities, but it was not something I experienced.

Drinks are pricier (but still okay on a SG budget), but not unaffordable and worth paying for its great vibes, music and vast space. It’s a great place to pregame before entering a real club, but we loved it so much that we stayed here all the way. The Fountain is a refreshing change to the regular jammed packed clubs with loud EDM/Hip Hop, and is definitely a place you must not miss in Itaewon, or in Korea.

Why you should go: Amazing decoration, 2 dance floors, meet foreigners, 2000s Music
Why you should avoid: 
Expensive, overly strict bouncers, 2000s Music
Price Range:

The Fountain
116-6 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
06:00 pm ~ 06:00 am
From Itaewon Station (line 6), take exit 2. Take the first left and walk to the end of the street, then turn left again. It’s on your right.

7. MY FAVOURITE BAR: Kodachaya, Hongdae

Kodachaya, located within walking distance from Sangsu Station (or Hongik University Station) is THE place to be for pre-drinks. With cheap alcohol and delicious food and multiple locations nation-wide, they have a unique self-service concept, where you can grab your own drinks from the fridges, making this place immensely popular. On top of that, a variety of Korean/Japanese food is offered in a rustic Japanese environment, making you feel like you’re in a different era, with a concept that is different from other bars.

As you enter, you are given an order tag (something like Ramen Champion’s concept) which you can use to order food and drink. Their signature dish, the kimchi fried rice with cheese and egg is a crowd-pleaser, leading to us ordering multiple of the same dish throughout our drinking session. They also offer a variety of food, from Japanese Sashimi to Korean Odeng.

Kodachaya also gives free bottled mineral water which you are free to take at any time, as much as you want. It also has a signature entrance that is reminiscent of a Subway station sign, making it stand out from the crowd. Its large seating capacity means no/short wait, despite it being constantly crowded. The freedom and flexibility Kodachaya gives, along with its warm atmosphere, good location, and tables catered to both big and small groups makes this place a huge hit for all groups of all ages to hang out in, and is my #1 favourite spot in Seoul that you CANNOT miss!

Why you should go: Take your own drinks, affordable and good food, great for all groups and ages, my favourite spot.
Why you should avoid: 

Price Range:

143-56 Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
05:00 pm ~ 05:00 am
+82 2-3445-8884

Exit 2, Sangsu Station. Walk towards Hongik university (Paris baguette on your right). If you see Edya coffee across the road you are at the right spot. Stay on the same sidewalk and walk towards Hongik Univ towards Hollys Coffee (Kodachaya is beside).

8. BAR: Daddy J, Anam

Daddy J’s is a small and cosy bar located at Anam, near Korea University and is our first spot nightly because of its location near the dormitories, excellent service, facilities and low prices. Daddy J’s is not a place that tourists would know of or go to, simply because it is out of the way at Anam Station. Daddy J’s boasts cheap Hookah, cheap beer jugs and 1500KRW soju. They have a darts machine, a beer pong table and a Macbook where you can select your own music on YouTube. It is the first place that we went to get buzzed before heading to clubs/bars in Hongdae/Itaewon, and is a lowest-cost place in the list for drinks with friends. It is also decorated with a chalkboard surrounding the pub, allowing anyone to write on it. Tables are always readily available, and the place has a warm environment, welcoming to anyone, and a good place to meet people from Korea University.

Why you should go: Very cheap drinks and hookah, beer pong table, darts machine
Why you should avoid: 
Far, university area. Small. Smells like Hookah.
Price Range:

Daddy J
Anam-dong, Incon-ro 28-Gil, Seoul. South Korea.
06:00 pm ~ 04:00 am(timing unsure, from memory)
+82 2-6397-1360

LPT: Respect This Man


ALWAYS buy one of these (at any convenience store) after a night of drinking, as it helps IMMENSELY with hangovers. Koreans swear by it, and now, I too believe.

Bumping into Haha at Hongdae

There are many other bars and clubs that I went to in Korea, from Thursday Party to Club M2 etc., but the places in the list are my favourites, and are places that I would definitely visit again.

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신길동 매운짬뽕: SPICIEST Jjampong in Korea. (From the show Roommate 룸메이트)

신길동 매운짬뽕: SPICIEST Jjampong in Korea. (From the show Roommate 룸메이트)

Roommate 룸메이트

If you’ve watched the popular Korean Variety show Roommate, then you’ll definitely know of the spicy Jjampong featured in one of their episodes. This place was also featured on multiple variety shows like Infinity Challenge, and has idols like SNSD going to try it out .

Can you spot Jessica and Yuri in this picture?
Infinity Challenge

The various cast members went around Seoul searching for the spiciest food to bring back home. Their conclusion was that Singgil’s Spicy Jjampong was the number one spiciest Jjampong and food overall in Seoul.

Song Ga Yeon, Nana, Chef, Seo Kang Joon, Jo Se Ho.
Song Ga Yeon, Nana, Chef, Seo Kang Joon, Jo Se Ho.

Being a spicy food lover, I knew I had to head there. So we planned this in our itinerary and went out of our way to have a taste.


And our minds were blown.

My family LOVES spicy food. Like, spicier than what the average Singaporean eats. We have weekly Mala Steamboat sessions and our family has our own spicy chilli created. That’s how much and how often we love/eat spicy food.

Located at Singgil-Dong (1 stop away from Yeuido, near 63 City/Hangang Park), it was my first time going to this area although I’ve been to Seoul multiple times. It was pretty easy to find with a map kindly drawn by my Korean friend Hyun-Woo.

For a visual guide with more details, go to the end of this post! :) This is a very brief map we used.
For a visual guide with more details, go to the end of this post! 🙂 This is a very brief map we used.

The interior of this place was covered with photos of celebrities and post-its, attesting to the popularity of this place. I went at around 4:30pm.


The friendly staff warned us of the insane level of spiciness we would be facing. We ordered a bowl to share between two persons but he told my parents to take the normal noodle soup without spiciness as he said it was “dangerous”. They followed his advice after being briefed on the various spices being used here.

Extremely potent spicy chilli from all over the world.
Extremely potent spicy chilli from all over the world. I left my mark beside the $1 note! “NUMBER 1, BEST IN KOREA”

We were given a bowl of delicious broth in case we couldn’t take the spiciness. The idea is that we could take some soup and noodles and wash it in the clear broth to wash the spiciness level down. This was how it was served.

Hell's fire.
Hell’s fire.

The chef/owner did a quick brief on how we should eat it. First, we should start with the noodles, followed by ingredients and finally, the soup. We were strongly advised against drinking too much soup.

My dad asked if the staff themselves tried it. We got heads shaking with them repeatedly saying “dangerous!”

On the first mouth, I thought I could take it. Honestly, it was one of the most delicious Jjampong I had in Seoul even with the levels of spiciness. I couldn’t stop eating. The spiciness level was okay for me until it started to build up slowly. When I stopped for awhile, I regretted immediately as tears started forming in my eyes and I rushed towards the fridge to grab a carton of milk. (2000KRW for Banana Milk!)

My girlfriend was wiping my sweat non-stop. There is a huge toilet roll in front of you for you to wipe your sweat/tears. There is also a water cooler for you to refill your cups, and a toilet. Trust me, you’ll need it. Oh, and she gave up after a mouth and ordered Kimbap to eat instead.

I’m ashamed to say that I ran out repeatedly to get a cold blast of the winter winds to help fight my perspiration and internal flame from the sheer spiciness of the Jjampong. And I’m proud to say I’m a finisher.

Broth in the white bowl and the finished bowl in the green!
Broth in the white bowl and the finished bowl in the green!

For its value-for-money price, novelty factor and deliciousness, I strongly recommend every spicy food lover to try it. I know I’m definitely going back.

1. Take the subway to Singgil Station

Take the subway to Singgil Station

2. Exit from Exit 1

Exit 1, beside Dunkin Donut
Exit 1, beside Dunkin’ Donuts

This is what you should see when you exit. Walk on the pavement on your right beside the main roads.

3. Walk straight past the parking lot on your left.

Walk past the parking lot on the left.
Walk past the parking lot on the left as seen in the picture.

4. Keep walking down for about 200m until you see a CU Convenience Store on the left.

CU Convenience Store
CU Convenience Store

5. Cross the road towards block 402.

Cross the road towards block 402.
Cross the road towards block 402.

6. When you cross the road, you should see ICOOP building in between block 402 and MS Tower Hill. Walk on the right road, in between ICOOP Building and MS Tower Hill.

Keep right!
Keep right!

Walk straight down this path.

Walk towards here!
Walk towards here!

7. Walk down for about 50M until you see this figurine outside the shop.
You’re here!

신길동 매운짬뽕, pronounced as pronounced as Shingil-dong maeun jjambbong.
신길동 매운짬뽕, pronounced as pronounced as Shingil-dong maeun jjambbong.
Getting there is a 5-10 minute walk from Singgil Station.
Singil-dong Spicy Jjamppong
233-4 Dosin-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
(서울 영등포구 도신로 233-4)
Contact Number:
5000krw per bowl of Spicy Jjampong
4000krw per bowl of clear broth noodles
So Japneun Eobu (소잡는어부), Tanjong Pagar

So Japneun Eobu (소잡는어부), Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

There are many Korean eateries in Tanjong Pagar, and most of them are flooded nightly. However, when you enter a Korean restaurant and you see it flooded with Koreans, you know you’re in the right place.

And that’s how we found: 소잡는 어부 [sojabneun eobu] (Direct Translation: Cattle Slaughtering Fisherman lol)


Located just beside WaBar, this was a very pleasant looking place with 2 floors, with Koreans running the place, from the chefs to the waiters. The owner herself was busy running about the restaurant, mending to customers. It’s a very nice family restaurant with a very cosy feeling.

Wa Bar

This isn’t your regular BBQ restaurant as this place served both BBQ and regular Korean cooked food. We were looking for a place that focuses more on non-BBQ items and this was definitely the right place to be. With 8 of us around, it’s hard to split up between us young ones who wanted BBQ, and our parents who wanted normal Korean cuisine. This place was the right fit as we got to have both.

We did not wait long for our food to arrive after ordering. Here’s what we ordered:

1. Set C BBQ (Pork and Beef, S$69)

2. Dag Di Ri Tang (Spicy Braised Chicken W/ Potatoes, S$55)

3. Jae Yuk Bok Um (Stir-Fried Spicy Pork, S$15)

4. Kimchi Jigae (Kimchi Stew, S$15)

5. Hae Mul Pa Jeon (Korean Seafood Pancake, S$20)

As with every Korean meal, plenty of side dishes came along (complimentary) and they were very pleasant to the taste buds. I particularly liked their Kimchi, which is pretty delicious compared to the regular Kim Chi we buy from supermarkets, or from other Singaporean restaurants. This tasted like the real, home-made thing, reminding me of the Kimchi I had in Korea.

Side Dishes: Spring Onions, Radish, Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Eggs, Baby Potatoes, Long beans with prawn, Salad and Kimchi.

The highlight of the day isn’t what I expected. It wasn’t the fantastic BBQ items, or the spicy-sweet Jae Yuk Bokkeum. It was the Hae Mul Pa Jeon (S$20), which was easily the best dish of the night.

Hae Mu Pa Jeon

Jeon (전), Korean pancake, constitutes a large part of the Korean diet. I remember it being sold on the streets of Korea. Ever since I first tried it, I never stopped ordering it at Korean restaurants. It isn’t a very popular dish as people focus too much on the meat and BBQ items, but once you have tried it, it’s easily one of the most addictive dishes on a Korean menu. It’s also pretty agonizing to not find good Jeon in most places in Singapore, even in more premium restaurants.

Look at the fluffiness of this pancake!

The pancake also had very fresh and crunchy prawns, which was a generous portion full.

The entire goodness.

It was so good, that we ordered this TWICE; once at the start of our meal, and once at the end. We were extremely full but decided that we wanted to have this once more before we left the restaurant.

In the end, we spent S$226.60 for a meal for 8, which I find very worth it’s price. The food portions were large, and all were very authentic, and very, very good.

A completed meal.

This was a very easy place to miss, considering how people usually come here for 2D1N Korean BBQ. However, I highly encourage everyone to skip over having Korean BBQ for once and sit here for a delicious, authentic Korean cuisine. This is one of the few places in Singapore I would come back to again for my Korean food craving fix. I’ll definitely be here again, this time armed with a better camera, to showcase the dishes better.

Location:  Tanjong Pagar, 58 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088479 (

Beside WaBar, 5-10 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Contact: 6224 6061

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